Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Golden Star Featured in the Global Compact Network Canada's SDGs Emerging Practice Guide

United Nations Global Compact

In 2005 Golden Star, with the full support of our Board of Directors, wrote to the United Nations Secretary General and committed to adopting the UN Global Compact. 

As the world's largest global corporate citizenship initiative, the Compact is concerned with exhibiting and building the social legitimacy of business and markets. It is a framework for businesses to align their operations and strategies with universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a driver for Golden Star’s strategic approach to corporate responsibility. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encompassed by the Agenda are the focal point for development across the globe.

In May 2019 the United Nations appointed 17 influential public figures as SDG Advocates to raise awareness, inspire greater ambition, and push for faster action on the SDGs. To build the momentum for transformative, inclusive development by 2030, the Secretary-General’s SDG Advocates will use their unique platforms and leadership to inspire cross-cutting mobilization of the global community.

Co-Chair of the SDG Advocates and President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo noted “The SDGs are about the future that we all want and indeed the future that we all need. It is not just desirable. It is an indispensable investment for our future - the future of our youth and that of our children. We cannot and should not fail them.”

SDGs Emerging Practice Guide

Last week, the Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) launched its SDGs Emerging Practice Guide. The GCNC has been spearheading and promoting the SDGs in Canada through collaborative efforts with the private sector. 

After consultations with various Canadian companies, it was determined that the lack of SDG-inspired practices was one of the leading obstacles in the adoption of the SDGs—leading to the preparation of the “SDGs Emerging Practice Guide.” 

The guide features three leading practice case studies by Golden Star! These case studies focus on our efforts in support of SDG 1 (No poverty), SDG 3 (Good health and wellbeing) and SDG 8 (Decent work). 
2018 Golden Star Corporate Responsibility Report

At our recent Annual General Meeting, we released our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report, our 13th report against the UN Global Compact. 

Here is a summary of what our President and CEO, Andrew Wray had to say on releasing the report:

“On behalf of the Golden Star team, I am pleased to share our annual corporate responsibility report. This is the first corporate responsibility report which I have the pleasure of presenting as the CEO of Golden Star. For me, this is a key area of strength for the company and I am privileged to inherit such a talented and dedicated team. 

In 2018 we achieved much success related to our ongoing delivery of corporate responsibility programmes including winning the prestigious PDAC Environment and Social Responsibility award and multiple awards at the Ghana Mining Industry Awards. I would like to extend my congratulations to our teams, GSOPP, LOCOMs and Ms. Gandhi for these fantastic achievements.

We also continued to advance our progress in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. One of my key priorities is to ensure that our work in corporate responsibility continues to develop and that we remain a trusted and valued partner for all our stakeholders”.

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility 

To download the SDGs Emerging Practice Guide please visit www.globalcompact.ca/sdgs-emerging-pratice-guide 

Friday, 26 April 2019

Golden Star Joins the National Malaria Programme in Promoting this Year’s World Malaria Day

In support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3): End the Epidemics of Malaria and Other Diseases, Golden Star joins the National Malaria Programme and other partner organizations in promoting this year’s World Malaria Day theme “Zero malaria starts with me”.

Malaria is the single greatest cause of disease burden in Ghana and it disproportionally affects children and pregnant women. In our host communities, malaria represents around 60% of clinic attendance cases.

In Golden Star, we implement a malaria prevention program that incorporates spraying of residential areas, provision of personal protection equipment and repellents, and access to 24-hour testing and treatment at our mine site clinics.

In 2018, with the support of program partners, we shared over 5,000 long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets with our families and host communities. As a result of our ongoing efforts, we were recognized as a Malaria Safe Organization by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Our programs are paying off – in 2018 our malaria case rates were less than 5.5% of clinic attendance, translating to 0.35 malaria cases per workforce capita for less than 768 days lost to malaria illness.

GSR continues to support the Malaria Control Programmes (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3)) with implementation of the Behaviour Change Communication Strategy on the use of insecticide-treated nets. 

This is what some employees and partners had to say:

Evelyn Gifty Bilson, HR Training & Development Coordinator
As a Golden Star malaria champion, I share malaria control measures with HR at safety meetings and coordinate the departmental malaria champions training to ensure that everyone gets involved. The initiatives taken by GSR will reduce our medical cost when it comes to malaria treatment and will reduce lost productivity. The awareness created at safety meetings, and also the involvement in the malaria eradication programme, will go a long way to get people informed about the control measures that can help prevent malaria. Going forward, I look forward to educating catchment communities on environmental cleanliness as additional measures for malaria control.
Malaria control starts with you and in your home. Defeat mosquitoes and Malaria will be no more.

Francis Sarfo, Environmental Superintendent at Bogoso Gold Mine
As a GSR employee, I have participated and benefited from the malaria prevention program that incorporates both indoor and outdoor residual spraying of residential areas, offices and work places, and the use of long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets. These initiatives are good for GSR and it forms part of our key measures for preventing malaria.
I look forward to becoming a champion of malaria prevention by educating the workforce and the host communities on malaria prevention measures.

Hannah Owusu Adjei, Nursing Officer, Bogoso Mine ISOS Clinic 
In view of huge financial and economic burden, which the disease poses to the operations of the company, the Health and Safety Department as well as the Community Relations Department have been implementing a number of initiatives to reduce malaria cases among its workforce. Notably, among these initiatives are employee education to create awareness on malaria, training of malaria champions in the various departments, internal residual spraying of company buildings and structures, distribution of long lasting insecticide nets, of which I was involved, and many others.

Samuel Kojo Ansah, Senior Safety Training Coordinator at Golden Star Wassa Limited
As a malaria champion, I coordinated the training of the GSR employees on malaria prevention practices and assisted with the distribution of the nets. The distribution of the nets has gone a long way to reduce the malaria cases reported in the mine. It is a great and effective initiative to prevent illness caused by malaria. 
Personally, after a bad encounter with malaria, I am supportive of the medication as well as the preventive measures recommended.
More often than not we convince ourselves that using mosquito nets are uncomfortable and expensive, forgetting the self-inflicting slaps from spending a night with mosquitoes.

Zacharia Issah, Community Affairs Superintendent at Golden Star Wassa Limited
Malaria is a very serious illness and one of the leading causes of death in children under five and pregnant women in Ghana.
Golden Star as a Malaria Safe Organization has a lot of initiatives that help reduce malaria among its workforce and dependent. Sharing of mosquito repellent to employees who work on night shift and also progressing education on malaria control practices throughout the year help in the reduction of malaria cases.
Personally, I educate employees during safety meetings and sometimes unofficially talk to the community members on what they can do as individuals to help reduce malaria cases in themselves and their families. 
Thank you Golden Star for these initiatives. 

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Balance for a Better Golden Star - Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, the theme of this year’s campaign calls for us to “#BalanceforBetter” and work together to forge a gender-balanced world. As Golden Star recognizes the critical link between advancing the status of women and reducing the poverty burden, we aim to create equal opportunity for every member of our team.

A 2018 United Nations study (https://www.cigionline.org/articles/advancing-gender-equality-through-trade) estimated that women in developing countries could increase their farm yields by approximately 30% if they are provided with the same resources as men. This would help increase total agriculture outputs and decrease the number of people affected by hunger by 12 to 17 percent. 

At Golden Star we are confident that the same resulting benefits from increased resources for women in farming can be achieved in a number of other employment sectors. In support of this, we are focused on the empowerment of women within the organization and in our third party contractors. By providing our female team members with the same resources as their male counterparts Golden Star aims to achieve a working environment where every person has the same opportunity to succeed and live a well-balanced life. 


For this year’s International Women’s Day we wanted to highlight women who are both directly employed by Golden Star and working as third party contractors in fields such as security, catering and gardening services. According to statistics, over 50% of Primus (GSR Catering Service Provider) workers are women with 100% of those women being from our host communities.

Golden Star encourages everyone to take responsibility in shaping a gender-balanced world through collective action and strives to ensure safe, equal and gainful employment for all members of our team.   

Gifty Asante (Primus Service Limited) 
I’m a mother of three and I also work for Primus. As a mother I have to make sure I’m well organized because it can be challenging to balance my time between work and home. As a woman it can be tough sometimes, but the fact that we are able to overcome it shows why women need to be included in every workplace. Gender balance is important for a better organization.

Gladys Ewudzie (Kruger Brent Security)
I was happy when I got a message from a friend wishing me a happy International Women’s Day this morning. I’m celebrating this day with love and pride as a single mother of three.  Now I can boast of my achievements as a mother. Being a mother goes beyond giving birth, it includes the love and affection that you show toward your family. I didn’t find it easy to give up time with my family to work at first, but when I considered the benefit for myself and my family, it is worth the sacrifice. In many ways this job has raised my self-esteem as a woman as people see me as a mentor and find inspiration in my accomplishments. 

Vivian Mahama (Primus Service Limited) 
Management is key when you want to balance your time as a mother and a career woman. When leaving home I make sure that I manage my time by sticking to my schedule for my routine at home. I don’t regret being a career woman and a mother because this job is helping me to provide for my family. As a career woman you earn the respect of your family and your community and I support the idea of a gender-balanced organization. In my field of work there are women who have higher positions than some of the men. I advise women stay hopeful as they strive to earn a living for their family. 

Lucy Lambon (Primus Service Limited) 
It’s good to have a gender-balanced organization regardless of its type as it allows people to explore their different strengths while supporting each other. As a single woman, I am happy to be working as I am not in a rush to get married. I would love to continue working and use my job as a way to take care of my family. As a woman, I am able to use my story to inspire others, especially teenage girls. Though I wasn’t able to go far in my education, that didn’t stop me from working. For me, I’m happy to be a career woman.

Matilda Koney (Kruger Brent Security)
There is a saying that “if you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family”. This saying comes from a Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey. I am so excited to be an educated woman. As a career woman and a mother, balancing my time at work and home is not very flexible. Though my mother has offered to take care of my child, I want to fulfill my role as a wife and mother on my own.  Competing with men in the workforce is quite challenging but when teamwork prevails, a lot is achieved. I wouldn’t dream of staying home, I want to continue to work to help support my family. 

Christina Kwafo, (Brosons Environmental Services)
I am a mother of three, a widower and a career woman. Having kids and working as a single mother is not an easy task. I used to be a seamstress when my husband was alive but after his loss, the sewing couldn’t cater for the family so l had to look for other means to keep the family moving. Then I got this job and I have been with this company for seven years. With hard work I have been able to help my kids at the tertiary level. Having women in the workforce is important and it allows us to contribute even more to our families. I support the idea of every woman having a career if that is what they want.

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

LOCOMS; Developing a Diverse Economy & a Vibrant Community

Golden Star recognizes that vibrant regional communities rely on diversified economies. We continue to focus on supporting our host communities in the development of a diverse economy and to retain a larger proportion of the value that is derived from the presence of our business.

A key part of our approach is to enhance the capacity of local businesses. In a pilot program in 2015, Golden Star sought expressions of interest from communities local to its Prestea operations which led to 17 new local companies being formed to supply products and services to our operations. The companies collaborate under an umbrella body, Local Companies in Mining Services or LOCOMS. 

The LOCOMS team at a safety meeting

LOCOMS has attracted business opportunities that previously would have been directed to larger companies in regional centres away from our host communities. During their partnership with Golden Star, LOCOMS have supplied 89 items of heavy equipment to our operations, involved three catering businesses, and directly employed over 250 people. The success of the project was recognized at the 2016 Ghana Mining Industry Awards as leading practice in Corporate Social Investment.

The LOCOMS concept has not only enhanced local employment but has re-invigorated the local economy with over US$ 27 million in payments made to the local companies since inception. LOCOMS companies have since been invited to bid on jobs in neighbouring west-African nations, and Golden Star has replicated the concept at its most recent Mampon mining project. 
We are thrilled to announce that at the Ghana Mining Industry Awards gala in December 2018, LOCOMS was named as the First Runner Up in the Category of Mine Supplies and Services.

Golden Star management celebrate the Ghana Mining Industry Award win with LOCOMS Chairman
LOCOMS and Golden Star management proudly display the LOCOMS award in Mining Supplies and Services

This is what the partners had to say about the LOCOMS recognition:

Nicholas Tieku (LOCOMS Chairman)
“I was very excited to hear that we won an award. We have been with Golden Star for three years now and to get this award means a lot us. We achieved this through hard work, teamwork and the support from the community. 
LOCOMS has given lives to people as we contribute to the community’s social amenities... Now with the help of GSR, we are bidding for contracts locally and internationally. This award has really made us proud”.

Francis Quartson (LOCOMS Secretary)
“This award is going to strengthen us to work as a team to achieve our aim. GSR is the brain behind LOCOMS.
LOCOMS has had a great impact on our lives by creating a mutual relationships between us and GSR. It has also enabled us to do a lot for our catchment communities. 
Looking forward five years from now, I believe LOCOMS will be one of the leading mining supply companies in Ghana”.

Nancy Amonoo-Aikins (LOCOMS member)
“I was excited when I heard that we have won an award. Our hard work has really paid off. 
LOCOMS has created employment opportunities for the youth. After completing Senior High School, I didn’t have a job, but through LOCOMS, I have been able to get a job as a cleaner. 
It has helped the community by improving their social infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools and many more. GSR has helped LOCOMS by giving us the platform to work and we can say that, without GSR, there is no LOCOMS. 
Thank you GSR for your great support and long live LOCOMS!”

Christopher Mensah Ayison (GSBPL, Time and Attendant Officer)
“LOCOMS wining this award is a great achievement and they deserve it. GSR from the beginning has played a major role right from its formation until date. LOCOMS have contributed to the peaceful coexistence between GSR and their catchment communities. 
As a residence of Prestea, I have benefited from some of the initiatives LOCOMS is carrying out, like the dust suppression on the roads and sanitation improvement projects. The bins in my area used to overflow but now, LOCOMS have helped curb this. 
Thank you GSR and Congratulations to LOCOMS!”

James German (Golden Star Resources, Group Corporate Responsibility Coordinator)
“I felt excited when I heard GSR had won a number of awards at the Ghana Chamber of Mines 4th Industry Awards for 2018. When LOCOMS was mentioned as the runner-up, Best Performer in Mine Supplies and Services I just shouted hurray!!! 
LOCOMS, GSR local enterprise initiative has been recognized at the national level! I say ayeeko (thank you) to GSR for coming up with the initiative, LOCOMS members and executives for keeping up the vision and Ghana Chamber of mines for instituting an award scheme for this category. 
Today, I am happy to see LOCOMS undertake its own Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the areas of sanitation, road maintenance and donations to institutions within the local environment.
Well done! It’s a great idea!”

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation (GSOPP) Wins Two Notable Awards

Congratulations to the Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation (GSOPP) for winning two major awards in 2018. GSOPP won the District Best Farm Based Organization Award at the National Farmer’s Day celebrations in Ghana for the third time and Best Performer in Corporate Social Investment at the Ghana Mining Awards for 2018. 

Golden Star directs $1 per ounce of gold produced to GSOPP with the objective to reduce poverty through employment generation and promote wealth creation through sustainable agri-business. GSOPP is a multi-award winning social enterprise project, established in April 2006 as a non-profit subsidiary of Golden Star.

The Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation is one of Golden Star’s most well-known community development initiatives, with an employee base of more than 767 people, comprising of both farmers and workers. A socioeconomic impact assessment conducted in 2017 demonstrated that 2,089 dependents benefited directly from GSOPP. 

With a significant number of people in our host communities benefitting from GSOPP, it is our commitment to continue expanding this landmark initiative every year. For more information on GSOPP visit; http://goldenstarinthecommunity.blogspot.com/2016/10/happy-birthday-gsopp.html 

Congratulations to the Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation team for their marvelous performance.

So what did the GSR, GSOPP staff and farmers of GSOPP have to say?

Peter Addai (Operations Superintendent, GSOPP)
“These awards are testaments of the wonderful work that Golden Star is doing to improve the livelihood of its communities.
GSOPP remains a significant flagship livelihood program for Golden Star and is indeed making a difference to people’s quality of life. GSOPP demonstrates that Golden Star is contributing to broader economic development in the area that will be sustainable beyond the life of the mine.
We aim to secure a processing plant to process all of our fresh fruit bunches to ensure GSOPP achieve its full potential to support economic growth in and around the Golden Star catchment area”.

Daniel Wiredu, GSOPP Bogoso Farmers Association Chairman
“The palm plantation has really been of help to me. I was a palm plantation farmer but my plants weren’t yielding fruit like they should. When GSOPP got involved, our farming produce started booming.  GSOPP handed over the business to us and the money that we are now getting is huge compared to our formal farming practices. I used to plant 10 archers of land but the fruit it used to bare was quite little. I wasn’t able to take care of my family as a result and I couldn’t enroll my kids in school. I've seen a great deal of hardship in my life but now the story is different as I am able to help my family. Now I feel proud as a father. My kids are enrolled in school all thanks to GSOPP. Ayekoo GSOPP on your award!”

Mr. Tuffour Quaicoe, award-winning smallholder farmer
"I am a beneficiary of a four hectare palm plantation under the GSOPP project. I have received a monthly income and that is what I depend on to support my family. All my children are in school and I have also been able to empower my wife in small-scale trading. In 2014, I was named the Districts’ Best Oil Palm Farmer during the National Farmer's Day celebration. Today, I am happy that GSOPP has been awarded for the third time the District Best Farm Based Organization Award at the National Farmer’s Day celebrations in Ghana and Best Performer in Corporate Social Investment at the Ghana Mining Awards for 2018”.

Mr. Joseph Amoako Yorke, HR Officer GSBPL
“To say I am overwhelmed about this achievement is an understatement. The work being done by GSOPP in helping a large number of people in our catchment communities earn a living which is remarkable and I am excited to be a member of the GSR team. Kudos GSOPP”.

Samuel Kow Wilson, GSBPL Community Development Officer
“For GSOPP to be honoured as the best social investment initiative does not come as a surprise at all. Its benefits are direct and of great benefit to the selected farmers, landowners and the community. There cannot be a more sustainable way of supporting our communities than having a sustaining plantation that provides a source of income to them. I am honoured and proud to be part of this story which elevates the GSOPP model.
I am confident that GSOPP will remain true to its original goal of serving as an alternative source of livelihood for Golden Star Resources’ host communities.”

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.                                                  

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Let There Be Light

A well-lit community is a safer community and Golden Star is committed to helping our host communities be safer, in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

A Sustainable Light System

The Bogoso community has experienced a rise in nighttime theft and to combat this, Golden Star’s employees and local community members have begun raising funds to improve the community street lighting.   The ‘Let There be Light’ campaign aims to install over 50 street light systems to benefit more than 5,000 people in the Bogoso community.  

What started out as an idea shared in casual conversation between coworkers has led to funds being raised that will not only bring light to the community but will also be used for the sustainable and on-going maintenance of the light systems. 

Improved visibility and reduced crime
What did the people involved with the campaign have to say about it?

Mr. Seth Darkwa, Group Purchasing and Supply Supervisor (Leader of Bogoso Let There be Light Campaign)
“The Let There be Light project was the idea of Golden Star assemblymen. This project was virtually announced in a workers’ bus en route to work. The company does many things for the community, and this time around, the employees are also trying to put in something to support the campaign. Improvement in the lighting system will enhance visibility and reduce crime at Bogoso. We are also looking at working with  various other communities in our catchment area.”

Mr. Nyanzu Agyabu, Golden Star’s HSEC Manager
“A group of young men visited me and indicated that the township is dark and as a result of that, stealing and other social vices are common. These people had already started mobilizing funds to buy streetlighting for the whole township.
People are in support of this campaign because many of them have become victims of theft  in Bogoso at night. The streetlight levies are paid by us all, and nobody is charged separately, so we need to utilize what we have been paying for as citizens. If the campaign generates excess funds, they can easily be used to buy extra bulbs to serve as spares for emergencies. The community appreciates the effort that people are putting in place to make Bogoso shine at night for a clearer visibility.”

Mr. Robert Gyamfi, Golden Star Community Relation and Social Responsibility Manager
“The value of lighting a community at night cannot be over emphasized.  And in the case of Bogoso, the story is no different. Since Bogoso became a district capital and recently elevated to a municipal capital, it has not really gained enough street lighting. The Let There be Light campaign has come  at the right time. It is going to make it difficult for thieves who commit crime under the cover of darkness and help people to walk freely with little or no fear.”

Evans Aboah, (Acting Area Council Chairman, Bogoso)
“The poor lighting system at Bogoso is really a problem. A good lighting system in a real sense beautifies the township. Darkness in the town gives thieves an upper hand as they hide in  places where there is no light and take people by surprise. This has made Bogoso a crime-prone area. We believe the  Let There be Light campaign will make Bogoso Township a better, safer place to live.”

Eligya Essel (Youth President, Bogoso)
“Police report statistics are showing the major problem at Bogoso township is  theft.  Thieves will hide in places where there is no light in order to rob people.  Let There be Light is here for good as it’s going to solve some of the problems that the community members are facing. We thank Golden Star for bringing this initiative and we hope that it will be sustained for the betterment of our next generation.”

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

A Sporting Chance

Golden Star, in collaboration with local community partners, has brought Prestea its very first multi-purpose recreational park through the transformation of a former unauthorized dumping site.

Recreational Park complex – phase one completed!

The History of the Site

The achievement of phase one of the park complex is amazing when you consider the history of the site. Less than 3 years ago, this is what the site looked like:

Positioned at the headwaters of the Nsuo Kofi stream, the former dump site posed serious hygiene and health risks to the community. Frequent algal blooming, mosquito breeding habitats and other sanitation issues were only a few of the risks present.

The Transformation Begins

Golden Star and Local Contractors for Mining Services (LOCOMS) worked together with Traditional Leaders to bring about the transformation. The partners worked together to clean the area, import capping materials, place and compact the cover, and implement drainage.

The site during capping

The partners then agreed on a plan to develop the area into Prestea’s first multi-purpose recreational park land. 

A plan was met with the approval of local youth, sparking a local youth NGO, Maintenance Sustainability Africa (MSA), who brought their support as volunteers to prepare and grass the site. This was the first time volunteering was mainstreamed in the area.

Grass preparation and planting

The Maintenance Sustainability Africa team at site

Grassing completed

In just a few months, the Golden Star team had installed two multi-purpose courts (one covered), a training facility and male and female change-houses and bathrooms.

Multi-purpose courts and training facility during construction and at completion!

The phase one facilities are part of a wider plan for the recreational park complex, which will later also host kiosks, a restaurant, a lecture room and a children’s playground. The courts, initially marked up for basketball, will also be marked to allow multi-purpose use for other sports, such as volleyball and futsal (five-a-side football).

General arrangement plan of the Prestea recreational park complex

Giants of Africa Basketball Clinic

In October 2018, Golden Star, in partnership with Giants of Africa, hosted a three-day basketball clinic for selected basketball players from across Ghana to commemorate the official opening of the recreational facility.

The clinic was conducted by Godwin Owinje, co-founder of Giants of Africa, and Michael Akuboh, a scout for the NBA team, Toronto Raptors. 

Godwin Owinje commented: “This is a world class facility that will help promote basketball in Ghana. The biggest problem in most African countries when it comes to growing basketball is the lack of facilities. I think that what Golden Star has done is a great start.” 

Traditional Leaders and Golden Star General Manager Ahmed-Salim Adam attend the official opening

Traditional Leaders receive basketball coaching

Creating a Pathway for Youth Through Sport

Creating a pathway for youth through sport is the mantra of Giants of Africa (GOA). 

The GOA mission is to use basketball as a means to educate and enrich the lives of African youth and grow the game of basketball within Africa through quality facilities, gear and coaches. 

GOA camps create awareness and support for underprivileged children and young adults and place emphasis on hard work, accountability, honest living and positivity.

Masai Ujiri, founder of Giants of Africa speaks from the heart about his mission: “Dream. It’s okay to dream, and it’s okay to dream big.”

Growing up playing basketball in Africa, Ujiri realized the abundance of talent in his homeland – but these players were often referred to as raw, lacking experience in the game and lacking access to coaching and facilities. Ujiri drew upon these personal experiences and founded GOA in 2003 – a non-profit organization with the goal of changing this reality. 

Today the GOA Top 50 Camp has developed players at the local, national, international and professional levels. To date over 80 campers attended high school or university in the United States, and over 100 attended university in Nigeria. In addition, nearly 20 former participants have played on junior teams in clubs throughout Europe – 30 of which have played on the Nigerian Junior National team, and nearly 55 have attended the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program in Africa. 

Image courtesy of Giants of Africa

What has this opportunity meant to the selected Prestea basketball trainees, trainers and teaching staff?

Emmanuel Nyadedzor, a student of Prestea Senior High Technical School
“As a basketball player, I was looking forward to continuing with my training when my dad got transferred to Prestea. But to my disappointment, I couldn’t train because there was no basketball court in the community. Now with the help of Golden Star, I have been able to train consistently.  Golden Star basketball training has really helped me to acquire new skills as a basketball player.”  

Solomon Arthur, a student of Prestea Senior High Technical School
“I was selected during the drill at Tarkwa because of my experience and performance. I learned new drills like sliding, javelin passes, bounce passes, layup and many more. The trainer taught me to take the training seriously if we want to be like Michael Jordan and Steven Curry. I thank Golden Star for giving us the opportunity to train like professional basketball players. If we are well trained, we will achieve something profitable in life”.

The trainer, David Asangalisah
“My experience with the trainees was very interesting. For me, the initiative is very good. Basketball is a discipline that engages youth and keeps them on the right path. I would say a big thank you to Golden Star for giving me the rare opportunity to train the boys.”

Abdul Fahad, Fynn Upgrade International School
“My experience during the training was very helpful because I was able to learn new skills to help me improve my abilities.   With the training given, I now know I’m ready to meet my opponent.  The trainer related so well to us and I really enjoyed learning from him. I think Golden Star is doing a great job by training the youth in the community.”

Samuel Nana Armoo, the headmaster of Prestea Senior High Technical School

“Basketball isn’t well known to the people of Prestea, Bogoso and other villages close by. It is however, well known in Takoradi, Accra and Kumasi as they play league matches. The basketball court will give local youth a recreational activity and it will help to keep them out of trouble.  As a basketball trainer, I think this will help my students to develop their skills in basketball too. Golden Star has been doing well, and having a court here is a credit to the company.”

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility. For more information on Giants of Africa and their programs, please visit www.giantsofafrica.org