Monday 11 December 2017

Mining Company of the Year!

National and International Recognition

At the Ghana Mining Industry Awards gala in late November, Golden Star Resources stole the show with awards in 5 categories!  These included:

Mining Company of the Year – Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited
Corporate Social Investment Project of the Year – Golden Star Resources
Mining Personality of the Year – Mr. Daniel Owiredu, Golden Star Resources, Chief Operating Officer
Best Graduate Research – Mr. Ahmed Salim Adam (M Phil), Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited, Processing Manager
First Runner Up – Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety – Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited

After the early November announcement that Golden Star had been awarded the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Environment and Social Responsibility Award, it was thrilling to complement this recognition with awards in our primary host country, Ghana.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the award categories that we won…

Mining Company of the Year

Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited was recognized as Mining Company of the Year. This flagship award is bestowed on a company that has achieved the highest results in environmental management, occupational health and safety, corporate social investment, innovation and local content.

Mr Jerry Agala, General Manager of the Bogoso/Prestea mine, receives the award
from the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mining and Technology

Mining Personality of the Year (President’s Award)

In the inaugural year of this award, Mr. Daniel Owiredu, Golden Star’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, was recognized for: the significant role he has playing in the growth of the industry; his demonstrated leadership and mentorship; support to the growth of local businesses; introduction of innovation into business process; and evident high ethical standards.

The increased production and sustained reduction in operating costs achieved by Golden Star in 2016 clearly demonstrates the strong and consistent leadership demonstrated by Mr. Owiredu, despite the challenging conditions for the gold industry in Ghana. 

Mr Daniel Owiredu receives his award from Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi,
Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and MP for Prestea Huni-Valley

Corporate Social Investment Project of the Year

Awarded to a company that has implemented a land mark project as part of its corporate social investment, Golden Star’s breast cancer awareness project was recognized for scope, impact and sustainability. 

Golden Star's breast cancer awareness program

In the five years of project implementation, the project has brought free clinical breast cancer screening to more than 10,400 women and girls that previously have not had access to these services, and potentially saving as many as 270 lives. In a far reaching endeavor, screening benefited 30 host communities, spanning more than 80 screening days at 41 locations.

In its final year the program has now achieved all but the last of its objectives for sustainability. In the final stage of the program, Golden Star, in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Ghana Health Services and AEL Mining Services, is establishing prevention health units (PHUs) in the catchment Government Hospitals and health compounds. Under the program funding, these PHUs will be equipped with preventative health equipment, enabling host communities to routinely access affordable prevention health services, including clinical breast cancer screening and education on an ongoing basis.

Best Graduate Research

Mr. Ahmed Salim Adam, Processing Manager at our Bogoso/Prestea operations, was recognized for the Best Graduate Research in 2017 for his Masters of Philosophy dissertation.

Ahmed Salim Adam (right) is joined by Peter Addai of the
Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation to celebrate his win

First Runner Up, Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety

Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited was recognized as first runner-up in the category of Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety. This award celebrates the mining company that has excelled in promoting a holistic health and safety culture, in compliance with industry regulations and safety standards. 

Golden Star's emergency response team at a
joint training day with Ghana Fire Services

A word from the CEO…

Commenting on these achievements, Mr. Sam Coetzer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Golden Star, said:

"We are delighted that GSBPL has been named Mining Company of the Year at the Ghana Mining Awards. Judged and awarded by Ghanaians, this award reflects the strong commitment to excellence demonstrated by all of our team. I am also very proud that our Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Owiredu, received the first ever Mining Personality of the Year Award. Over his 11 years with Golden Star, Daniel has been at the forefront not only of our efforts to develop two high quality mining operations but also to deliver a best in class approach to corporate responsibility. This is underlined by Golden Star winning the Corporate Social Investment Award and by GSBPL being named Runner Up in Occupational Health and Safety. I'd also like to congratulate Ahmed-Salim Adam for winning the Best Graduate Research award for his Masters dissertation. He is one of the many promising young Ghanaians within our team who I am confident will become the mining industry's future leaders. Finally, I'd like to thank our host communities and all of our partners in Ghana. It is only through working together that we are able to win these awards and more importantly, deliver long term, sustainable benefits for all of our stakeholders."

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Tuesday 14 November 2017

A Proud Partner

Golden Star’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report had as its cover image the young men and women of Maintenance Sustainability Africa (MSA), Prestea’s first ever, volunteering youth non-governmental organization (NGO). 

MSA at the Prestea recreational park
An article in the Corporate Responsibility Report featured the group, explaining:

“Genuine volunteering is not only altruistic, but in many communities, brings an improved quality of life to those who are most vulnerable. In 2015 a new youth NGO was formed in Prestea, Maintenance Sustainability Africa (MSA), and the group immediately supported our initiatives for the conversion of a former refuse site to a community, recreational parkland. Since the completion of the capping of the site, the young men and women of MSA have made an immense contribution to the people of Prestea, by planting the site with grass, nurturing the seedlings, and maintaining the site.

"We are proud of MSA; together, we have become true partners in development by sharing responsibility for taking action for the betterment of society. Although the project is in its infancy, the actions of this group are a first for Prestea, and provide enormous symbolism to others.”

Partnerships for Sustainability

Sustainable Development Goal 17 recognizes the need to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. Golden Star and its host communities, including groups such as MSA, are working together in partnership to mobilise, redirect and unlock the transformative power of our combined resources to deliver our shared hopes for sustainable development. 

Agnes Fuakye Yeboah of MSA at the Prestea recreational park

Local Champions for Development

Despite some decriers that did not support volunteering, MSA persisted and are now widely respected as considered representatives of youth that continue to tackle some of the local community’s greatest development challenges.

MSA have pioneered an innovative pilot project, known as EDUPAY, to assist poor families in saving for school fees, which improves school enrollment and retention. Effectively a fee payment model, EDUPAY targets the low cost private school system to improve access and quality of education in communities where poverty is predominant. 

Emmanuel Turkson and the MSA EDUPAY 
team at a local community school

Godfred and Emmanuel Turkson, co-Founders of MSA, observed something about the educational system in the community which pushed MSA to develop this initiative:  

“In many Ghanaian rural areas, poor parents send their wards to low cost private schools to avoid the overburdened public school system. The twin challenges of accessibility and affordability remain and result in a cycle of poverty derived from poor education. Where fees are too high parents default on payment. This leads to appalling infrastructure management at the schools, directly affecting the delivery of quality of education, and students are expelled from school, affecting the ability of the parents to remain in work and sustain employment.”

The simple model works by providing parents with a school fees payment plan to spread fee payment over a reasonable period of time, in a traditional saving style. MSA deploys officers to collect fee contributions daily, with contributions banked for onward payment to the schools. 

A parallel aspect of the program is the pre-financing of fees payment to the school. With consistent revenue delivery, enhanced management of funds is achieved by schools, enabling planning for infrastructure and facility development. 

The model also incorporates an educational guarantee component and scholarships for brilliant but needy students.

MSA supporting schools in improved planning and growth

What Has Been The Impact?

EDUPAY now supports more than 700 parents, predominantly women, in saving for school fees payment. Cutting across two local private schools, the system has vast potential for expansion.

Let’s see what the participants in EDUPAY have to say about the impact:

Richard Intsiful, Proprietor, Fin Upgrade International School, Prestea
“EDUPAY has made a big impact on my school. I have been able to build new structures including toilets, backfill an area that used to flood and pay my teachers all arrears owed. I pray that EDUPAY grows, expands and is sustained to be able to help the community in terms of development and sustainability” 

George Atanga, Headmaster, Prestea 

“Our fears were dispelled by the pre-financing support, and the transparency and accountability the EDUPAY system brings. We are very happy as a school and grateful to MSA for this initiative because now parents can pay fees and our school can benefit from development projects. God bless MSA for turning lives around.” 

Belinda Gyasi, student 
“EDUPAY has helped our parents to be able to pay our school fees. At first they were having difficulty in paying our fees but with EDUPAY they can pay little by little. It has also helped my school because the school uses the school fees to make the environment better. I thank EDUPAY very much for their support.” 

Anthony Arthur, student 
“Sometimes my parents couldn’t get money to pay fees or they couldn’t look after us well during fees time, but with EDUPAY they pay in installments. It has also helped us to do school projects – soon we will have toilets! EDUPAY also gives scholarships and I want to learn well to win a scholarship.” 

Desire Mensah, student 
“EDUPAY helps my family pay fees bit by bit like ‘susu’ so they don’t feel it and before they realize they have paid the fees in excess and don’t have to pay much for the next term. I thank EDUPAY so much and I want it to continue so that our parents can pay our fees and we can stay in school.” 

Festus Kwesi Arthur, teacher 
“EDUPAY has helped me as a teacher because through them the school has been able to pay our salaries, which reduces stress so we can effectively teach. EDUPAY even have a representative in our school to assist with fees management. I really thank God for blessing MSA with this initiative because now we can focus on teaching.” 

Docas Aggrey, Kindergarten teacher
“EDUPAY has helped the teachers a lot because when the children are expelled due to lack of fee payment, they go roaming about in town which leads to concern in the community and tarnishes the image of the school. I thank EDUPAY very much for lifting us all up.”

Vida Mills, parent and petty trader  
“EDUPAY has really helped me a lot because the school fees are very expensive and I always find it difficult but with EDUPAY I can pay them little by little rather than in bulk. Now I don’t need to use all my income to pay school fees, so as well as helping me it has also stabilized my business. I thank MSA for the good job that they are doing.” 

International Recognition

The efforts of MSA and their EDUPAY program are clearly worth highlighting, for innovation, remarkable contribution to sustainable development, and the vast potential of the model to support other impoverished regions of the world. 
As a result, EDUPAY was nominated for Best Project in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition conducted under the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.

The award category recognizes that the project has gone beyond being an idea or a concept but has actually been successfully implemented for the benefit of sustainable development.

In a grueling four-stage assessment process that continued over several months, EDUPAY rose above thousands of competitor projects to be short-listed as just one of 10 of the 1,600 projects that passed screening. 

Students supported by EDUPAY
In the final stage a project video was produced and submitted for assessment by a world-class panel of judges including the Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth as well as representatives from an array of international agencies including the International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Commonwealth Youth Council. 

At Golden Star, we are proud of our relationship with MSA and are thrilled to announce that MSA won the Silver Medal for Best Project in the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development!

The Future

As to the future, Godfred Turkson, CEO of MSA, had this to say:

“The model is a pilot that we continue to evolve to strengthen its frameworks and the three major pillars:
Flexible payment scheme
Pre-financing fund
Project targeting infrastructure development.
In the future we expect to expand to include a maintenance team, a construction team and a project team to target infrastructure development. Our objective is that every school will have an ‘infrastructure development plan’ allowing educational staff to focus on improved academic performance with the support of EDUPAY in executing the school’s infrastructure development plan”.

Well done Maintenance Sustainability Africa! Golden Star looks forward to continuing to partner with you for sustainable development.

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For more information on Maintenance Sustainability Africa visit their website or read about their EDUPAY Project at the UNESCO Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship site at

Monday 9 October 2017

Protecting Man's Best Friend

Inspired by World Rabies Day on September 28, 2017, Golden Star launched a campaign in early October 2017 with the primary aims of offering free vaccinations against rabies for local cats and dogs and educating local people about the risks presented by the disease.

Local people from the Bogoso/Prestea mine's host communities
attend a pet vaccination day

What is rabies?

Rabies is a rare but serious infection of the brain and nerves.  It is usually caught from a bite or scratch of an infected animal, most often a dog.  Rabies is found throughout the world and it is endemic in Ghana.  Pets are not routinely vaccinated in Ghana and stray animals also roam freely.

How serious is the risk in Ghana?

Studies by the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi in central Ghana show that over a 10 year period over 18,000 people were exposed to rabies in Ghana.  Over the same period, over 1 million animals were examined and all but 14 were found to be rabid.  

Not everyone who is bitten by a rabid animal contracts rabies, however once rabies is contracted, survival rates are low unless the person receives timely treatment. The dry season is the time of the highest risk, coinciding with the breeding season of dogs, who are the primary carriers.

The plant site at Golden Star’s Bogoso/Prestea operations and the residential areas are all unfenced, meaning that the risk to Golden Star’s employees and their family members of being bitten by a freely roaming animal is high.

Working in partnership

One of the cornerstones of Golden Star’s approach to corporate responsibility is working in partnership with other organizations to achieve its goals.  This project was no different: Golden Star teamed up with the veterinary services of the Prestea Huni Valley District of Western Region of Ghana, community leaders and pet owners to offer vaccinations in the Brakwaline, Sekunde, Ebienne, Chujah, Kroboline, Prestea, Bondaye, and Himan communities, which form part of the Bogoso/Prestea mine’s catchment area.

The objectives of the project were to vaccinate all of the dogs and cats in the target catchment settlements, manage the dog and cat population through castration and increase public awareness of the requirements of socially responsible dog and cat ownership.

What was the result?

By the end of the project, 412 pets (comprising 320 dogs, 91 cats and 1 monkey!) were  vaccinated against rabies.  The clinics were held in three different locations over three days within the Bogoso/Prestea mine’s catchment area.  All of the pet owners said that they appreciated the initiative.  Some of the pet owners commented that their villages are remote and it was difficult to travel with the pets to the existing veterinary services office for vaccination. Therefore by offering vaccinations in community centres and parks, Golden Star and its partners had remedied that problem.  

Once a pet was vaccinated, their owner received a vaccination certificate and a pet collar with name tag as well as information about how to look after their pet in a responsible way. 

A vet gives a rabies vaccination to a pet dog

Golden Star and its partners will continue to offer yearly vaccinations against rabies to all dog and cat owners in its host communities to ensure a lower risk environment for all of its employees, their family and local communities.

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Wednesday 13 September 2017

A Helping Hand

Golden Star is working with its host communities to provide practical, employment-orientated work experience for young people to give them a helping hand in beginning their careers. 

Providing for Future Generations

Since 2010 we have supported more than 1,900 young people to undertake programs to build their capacity, experience and qualifications. These programs, combined with our array of alternative livelihood initiatives including the Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation, direct mine employment, and provision of goods and services, provide livelihoods for thousands of people and their families. 

In fact, as at the end of 2016:
99% of the workforce of Golden Star is Ghanaian, 
51% of the workforce hails directly from host communities, 
Two of our Board members are Ghanaian, and
Over 84% of goods and services value was provided by Ghanaian companies!

Mrs. Fidelia Kwapong Arthur and her local company,
Passionate Community Services, provide waste management
services for the Golden Star's Prestea operations

Attachment Program

In Ghana, students studying for their undergraduate and diploma degrees are eligible to apply for a 1 to 3 month placement at the conclusion of each year of university or polytechnic. Typically within Golden Star positions are allocated to those that have completed their second or third years of studies. 

Since 2010, Golden Star has hosted over 592 university and polytechnic students with attachment program placements within the company. 

It remains our target to place as many eligible young people as possible, for example in both 2014 and 2015 at our Wassa operations all eligible catchment community applicants were provided with attachment positions, and at Prestea, 89% of available positions were allocated to catchment community members.
This commitment remains strong and in 2016, 100% of available positions were allocated to eligible host community applicants studying applicable disciplines. Meanwhile, at Bogoso/Prestea in 2016 and 2017, 81% of all available positions were allocated to members of our host communities.

Ghana National Service

At the conclusion of a degree or diploma program, a tertiary school leaver is required to complete a year of mandatory National Service under the employment of the National Service Secretariat of Ghana. The graduates are allocated to government agencies and private businesses throughout Ghana to gain practical employment skills before entering the labour market.

In the last six years, Golden Star has provided practical workplace-based employment skills to 481 National Service personnel allocated to our operations by the National Service Secretariat.

National Service personnel at Wassa, assisting
with breast cancer awareness program

Not only have these young people benefitted from the practical exposure to a real workplace situation, but Golden Star has also benefitted from their vitality, innovation and fresh ideas!

Apprenticeships and Graduate Traineeships

Golden Star also periodically operates apprenticeships for trade orientated young people and graduate traineeships to strengthen access to highly specialized skill sets amongst youth.

Since 2010, Golden Star has supported 74 apprentices in employment and a further 127 young people through employment under graduate traineeship programs.

Gifty Gandhi (second from left), Prestea Underground Shift Boss,
joined Golden Star through our graduate traineeship program

In fact, within Golden Star today, a number of our employees in highly skilled roles, such as mine ventilation and mining engineering, commenced employment with Golden Star through graduate traineeship opportunities.

Golden Star Skills Training and Employability Program (GSSTEP)

Golden Star does not have control over the Ghana Government attachment and National Service program, so specifically for our catchment communities we operate the Golden Star Skills Training and Employable Program (GSSTEP). 

Inaugurated in 2009, GSSTEP seeks to provide employable skills to youth, diversify and expand employment opportunities, and provide viable alternatives to reduce reliance on unauthorized activities, such as galamsey. Since its inception, GSSTEP has provided skills and training to 84 masonry, 102 commercial cookery, 54 carpentry, 43 mobile phone repairs, 38 building electrical, 57 beads and jewelry making, 29 hair dressing, 22 local fabric bags and sandal making, and 54 other trainees.

Young women learning commercial
cookery skills through GSSTEP

Developing Our People

Golden Star also supports the further professional development of our employees. Since 2010, 134 of our employees undertook programmes sponsored by Golden Star to obtain recognised qualifications - Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Masters level studies. 

What has been the Impact?

The GSSTEP program is targeted specifically at youth from the Golden Star host communities, and although allocation of students to attachment and National Service are outside of Golden Star’s control, these also frequently support skills development for local youth to Golden Star’s operations. As a result, many of the young people in programs of this type come directly from the Golden Star host communities, further enhancing development and employment opportunities for local people.

Let’s hear what some of the program participants have to say about the value of these programs to their development:

Juliet Adobea Awuku-Mensah – National Service (Prestea)
“It is a great opportunity for me to be part of the Golden Star family. There has been so much to learn and to be used as a stepping stone in my future endeavor, especially meeting up with great women who are serving as mentors in my life. I am grateful to the entire team for their support, love and knowledge sharing.  Long live Golden Star.”

Daniel Akyea Twum – Attachment (Akyempim)
“It’s my second internship in the mine and I had no headache applying. I am exposed to many practical aspects of what I have studied in school and it has really helped me a lot in my academic studies. Thanks to Golden Star for everything. “

Wendy Harley Pobee – National Service (Takoradi)
“I am not from the catchment area but it is a great honor for Golden Star to support us. It is a great privilege and a wonderful experience to have my national service with Golden Star. I have made contact with wonderful people and I thank the management for all that they have done to equip me in my training, especially with the four months additional contract for me to learn more from the department.”

Alhassan Mustapha – Attachment (Prestea)
“It is a huge opportunity to have my internship with Golden Star Resources. I get the opportunity to have the experience and acquire more knowledge about the industry. I say thank you to the management team for supporting us with the industrial training.” 

Elsie Esi Hagan – Attachment (Bogoso)
“I have had no difficulty in applying for my internship with Golden Star and it has been a nice experience that I have gained during my stay here. I have acquired enough practical experience to assist me in understanding the theory aspects of my program and I want to use this opportunity to thank the management of Golden Star for their massive support. Ayekoo to Golden Star Resources!”

Alberta Nkrumah – National Service (Bawdie)
“I am happy to have my national service training with Golden Star Resources and I have learnt much within my period of service.  My sincere gratitude to all the management team of GSR especially the Communities Department for their great support towards my Service. God bless them abundantly.” 

Rebecca Appiah, Community Relations Officer and former National Service personnel
“In spite of the difficult times for industry, Golden Star continues to provide employment to its catchment and local communities. I am a native from one of the communities and am currently working in the Community Relations and Social Responsibility Department. Golden Star recruits people from its catchment communities and that includes Akyempim, Kubekro, Nsadweso, Togbekrom, Akosombo, Old Subri, Accra Town, Juabeng, Ateiku, Odumase, Esumenamu, Mpohor and Prestea. In fact, 30% of the workforce for the new Wassa Underground mine hail directly from the catchment communities! Locals continue to be employed in all other parts of the operations. Ayekoo to Golden Star for their intensive support to its catchment communities! Long live Golden Star.”

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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Our Greatest Asset

At Golden Star we know that our people are our greatest asset. Our people bring their talents to our operations and as a team, we commit to engaging with mutual respect, honesty, and transparency. A key role our leaders play is in the development of their teams, both professionally and behaviourally. Training, education, and professional development, lead to enhanced competency, and ultimately productivity, pride and ownership.

Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Partnership

In early 2016 through a partnership between the Government of Ghana and Global Affairs Canada, Master trainers from Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sakpolytech) undertook a program to assess technical and vocational training needs throughout Ghana. 

This program led to the development of an industry supported project to assist in the upgrading of trades skills and in November 2016, Golden Star indicated its support for the initiative.

Golden Star team members
during a training session

Following the formation of the partnership group, further local facilitation occurred through the support of an NGO called Western Regional Coastal Foundation. Combined Government, industry and TVET expert-led teams then critically assessed available training facilities in the country to determine suitability for use.

Preparing an oxy acetylene cylinder for
a practical session on welding

Upgrading Capacity and Skills

In July 2017, the first of the pilot programs commenced and the initiative included programs for welders with beginner and intermediate-level skills.
Four technical trainers were present, including the Master trainer from Sakpolytech. A key element of the pilot program was the ‘train-the-trainer’ concept, which is a priority for the Government of Ghana as they strive to further enhance technical trade skill delivery. TVET instructors from Kikam Technical Institute also participated to enable them to run similar programs in the future.

Nine Golden Star employees participated in this first program. As the program is competency based, it requires participants to demonstrate a sound understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of each stage, before they progress to the next session. Ultimately successful participants will obtain nationally recognized certification for their new skills and capacity.

Master Trainer Ron Nickel shows members of
Golden Star's engineering team new techniques

What Has Been The Impact?

Who better to ask than the Golden Star team members who participated?

Akwasi Bannor, Blastman at Prestea Gold Mine
“I want to thank the company for such an opportunity for us to en
lighten our knowledge and skills. In fact we thought we were welders but having gone through this training, I have deduced that there were so many things that I was lacking. Both the theory and practical aspect of the training has given me so much and I believe with this, it will increase our productivity towards work especially with underground works. I am happy to have more knowledge on the type of electrode to be used for the right type of job. I once again say a big thank you to the management and I assure them of my best support to the betterment of the company”. 

Amos Ghunney, Prestea Shaft welder at Prestea Gold Mine
“I thank my leaders for selecting me to enrich myself with more knowledge and skills. I have been a welder for so many years but following the training, I have noticed that there was more to learn. I have also been exposed to the modern way of welding for which I am very happy. We used to weld things the old way that we were taught, but now I know how to weld to prevent early leakages and welding to ensure that materials last longer.” 

Emmanuel Mensah, Welder/Fabricator at Prestea Gold Mine
“The training is educational and I have really benefited so much from it. There were many things I wasn’t aware of but now I am privileged to have them at my fingertips because I will be able to weld anywhere around the world. I am grateful and appreciate management for such intentions and I encourage them to do more of this kind of program to make us very familiar with the modern way of doing things”. 

William Davis, Welder (Civil) at Bogoso processing plant
“I am happy about Golden Star’s intention of training its employees to get an increased level of knowledge and skills about their work. I appreciate and thank management for the great impact they are making in our lives because the old way of welding wasn’t helping us as individuals and the company as well. We wasted time doing things but with the new exposure, I am able to weld safely, fast and independently. This training has enhanced my knowledge and skills as a person and I hope it will have a great positive impact on the company at large.” 

Why is this important to Golden Star?

Morgan Lekstrom, Electrical Superintendent, Prestea Gold Mine
“The main idea behind the project is a rapid up-skilling of our current engineering and trades workforce. We realize that we are only as good as our people who perform the work, and at the same time, many of our team has not had the opportunity to update their skills for many years. As a result there were skill gaps as people had not had to use certain skills or had never been officially trained in certain aspects of the work. We believe that investing in our people, and in the people that will train our personnel, will create a distinct advantage, not only for our team but for the industry more broadly. 

Eric Ebo Yankson, Training and Development Coordinator
“I am glad that the trainees will  have additional exposure to the safety aspects of the program for their work, in addition to their new skills. For Golden Star this is critical, we need our teams to be safe and at the same time, produce high quality work that ensures our mine shafts and facilities will last for a long time.
Ghana will also be benefiting, as there will be a time when the employees we have trained will be able to share their knowledge and skills with others and the Technical Institutes will be able to run these programs fully in-house.

"I want to thank Golden Star for their commitment in ensuring the success of this program and to the trainees I say that, ‘to whom much is given, much is expected from him’ and so I encourage them to commit themselves to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in their day to day activities because success will come to you as an individual, the company and Ghana at large.”

A Step Further in Golden Star’s Employee Development Agenda

Frank Odei Akuffo, Group Talent Management Coordinator
“Golden Star believes that organizations “compete through people” and the commitment and visibility management gives to the development of its teams is evidence of this. Management’s commitment to this training initiative goes beyond the immediate benefits to the company of enhanced performance leading to improved productivity. It also demonstrates GSR’s support and contribution towards the WRCF’s initiative on technical and vocational skills development for the extractive industries in the Region and Ghana as a whole. 

"The trainees are very grateful to Management for this commitment towards their career development - during the debriefing session trainees recounted to me how much they had learned and their commitment to ensuring their development will bring an outcome that all will be proud of.”

The Future

Further sessions of welding training are already scheduled for later this year. Following the success of the welding upgrade sessions, our minds have already turned to the advancement of a similar program for electrical trades.  Watch this space to hear more in the future!

Emmanuel Asare, Welder and Fabricator, Bogoso processing plant
“I am scheduled to go for training in October and November but from my past experience, it will be excellent to have the additional knowledge.  We are most grateful to the company for the training and I know our new exposure will help us to be productive and contribute to the success of the company.”

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Monday 10 July 2017

Connecting People To Nature

In June, Golden Star celebrated World Environment Day throughout our operations and host communities. The theme of 2017 World Environment Day is ‘Connecting People to Nature’ – a plea to us all to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share. 

Children proudly show the tree they planted
at the Bogoso camp area

In translating the meaning of this theme, Mr. Emmanuel Koomson, an Environmental Superintendent with Golden Star shared this:

“The World Environment Day is celebrated to educate, protect and create awareness about the need to protect the environment for good health, long life, biodiversity, balance in the entire ecosystem and for prosperity. We must be passionate about the environment especially towards things that degrade it. Trees support our existence on the earth by giving us oxygen hence we should avoid indiscriminate felling of trees and rather plant more trees to support life. As a business entity, Golden Star takes this opportunity to refocus us all on the ongoing need to protect the environment, enhance its quality and ensure good housekeeping at all times.”

Tree planting at one of Golden Star's mine sites

Connecting People to Nature at Our Operations

At the Golden Star operations our leaders held programs with the workforce to discuss our role in the protection of the environment and to launch clean-up programs and tree planting activities. 

Shaddrack A. Sowah, Acting General Manager (Wassa)
“I appreciate the important balance between the sea and the land due to my upbringing along the coastal belt of Ghana. To stay connected to nature I encourage all to work towards protecting the local environment and together we can protect the world. At Golden Star today we acknowledged that the preservation and protection of the environment is not just the responsibility of an individual, the Government or an organization, but it is the collective responsibility of us all.” 

Nyanzu Agyabu, Environmental Services/Safety Manager
“It is very important as humans to be reminded of our obligation to come closer to nature and maintain it for generations unborn. As the saying goes, when the last tree dies the last person also dies. Therefore we need to protect the environment to ensure that we live in close harmony with what God has given us and protect it to the best of his or her ability.”
Prestea mine's General Manager, Jerry Agala, addressing
the Prestea workforce on World Environment Day

Supporting Community Celebrations of the Environment

With our host communities, we supported the Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly to recognize this important international celebration with a launch event and a tree planting program.

World Environment Day launch at
Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly

Mozark Kweku Owusu, District Chief Executive, Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly
“With my personal crusade concerning environmental protection and waste management, I am glad about Golden Star’s positive approach towards the protection of the environment. We need the environment to survive. All should therefore instill the protection of the environment, especially afforestation, in their lives.” 

Yaw Asamoah, District Coordinating Director, Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly
“I am happy that Golden Star and the District Assembly are working together for the celebration of the 2017 World Environment Day.  As the adage goes, when the last tree dies, the last person also dies. Hence, I wish to advise the whole community to assist the Assembly to educate ourselves on the need to protect the environment through good sanitation practices.” 

Golden Star team members assist the
District Coordinating Director with tree planting

The Next Generation and the Environment

Our children are our future and they will bear the brunt of how we treat our world. At schools within our host communities World Environment Day activities included environmental inspections of schools, environmental quizzes and tree planting. In a very close finish at the schools in the Wassa area, Akyempim School B clinched the title for the schools’ environmental protection quiz, and Nsadweso D/A Basic School secured first place in the schools’ environmental inspection. Congratulations to all participants!

Golden Star team members and traditional leaders
join school quiz participants to celebrate

Julius Asamoah from Akyempim School B
“The Golden Star program helped me to understand and appreciate the fact that we really need to protect our environment. I was privileged to see measures used to protect the environment and reclaim mined lands. I am happy about the effort my school is giving to protect the environment by ensuring that we help to keep our environment clean and to preserve the trees.” 

Benjamin Atta Akomeah – Student at Akyempim School B
“Congratulations to Golden Star for their environmental protection program and for enlightening us more on the protection of the environment. I believe we will live long if we protect the environment therefore I encourage everyone to help protect nature.” 

Esther Padi, Headmistress of Nsadweso D/A Basic School
“Our aim is to protect the environment for generations to come and we are grateful for Golden Star’s award as the neatest school in its catchment area. The children are inspired and I believe the message will be shared with their families. I urge everyone to support the campaign for the protection of the environment!”

Celestina Atsiagli, Golden Star Environmental Officer
“By connecting people to nature, especially school children, we help them to understand the need to protect the environment and for them to communicate the knowledge at home as well. I encourage everyone to support us in the protection of the environment and leave the environment better than we found it for future use.” 

When We Mine, We Mend

In the month of June, Golden Star also commenced revegetation of its largest tailings storage facility at our Bogoso operations. Planted with more than 1,500 oil palms so far, the area will in the future be incorporated into the Golden Star Oil Palm Plantation

Oil palm seedlings being planted at the
Bogoso tailings storage facility

Did you know that Golden Star has nurseries at each of our mine sites that grow native endemic trees for mine site reclamation? In the last five years alone we propagated over 100,000 indigenous plant seedlings, many of which are recognized as having special conservation value, for re-planting in our formerly mined areas. This was complemented by replacement of topsoil and planting of over 16,000 kg of plant seeds.

Samuel Cudjoe at one of the Golden Star
native plant nurseries

Samuel E. Cudjoe, Golden Star Field Rehabilitation Coordinator
“Globally, we celebrate World Environment Day to create environmental awareness, positive action and instill in individuals the notion of good environmental stewardship. We survive in only one earth and our actions have direct effect on us and generations to come.” 

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