Friday 16 February 2018

Supporting Local Livelihoods

Enhancing Local Value Retention

Golden Star recognizes that vibrant regional communities rely on diversified economies. We continue to focus on supporting our host communities to retain a larger proportion of the value that is derived from the presence of our business.

A key part of our approach is to enhance the capacity of local micro, small and medium enterprises to attract flow-on business that previously would have been directed to larger regional centres away from our host communities.

Supporting Local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 

A study by the Prestea Huni-Valley District Assembly Business Advisory Unit identified that access to key business-related equipment for self-employed people would help to increase productivity and improve incomes.

Therefore Golden Star provided support to 432 micro and small business operators from more than 16 associations/industry groups through the donation of over 400 items of equipment.  Here are some examples of the donations:

44 agricultural producers received 113 farming tools, including processing machinery, dough mills, and driers
75 dress makers and hairdressers received 62 knitting, overlocking and embroidery machines
67 hairdressers received driers, sinks, sterilizers and other machinery
155 food vendors, bakers, cold store operators and butchers were given 228 tools including food pounders, gas burners, ovens, cooking utensils, tricycles, fur removing gas guns, and cold storage equipment
60 automotive garages, wood and metal/aluminum works operators received equipment including electronic automobile diagnostic tools, presses, wood polish spraying guns and sanding machinery
31 members of the Prestea Huni Valley District Association of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) were supported with canopies, plastic chairs and generators  for income generating activities

Robert Gyamfi, Community Relations Manager,
inspecting items to be donated

Beneficiaries involved in commercial cookery and food selling

Beneficiaries involved in cold storage

General Manager, Jerry Agala, with other managers
inspecting the items to be donated

What has been the impact?

One of the key impacts of the project has been the boost in productivity and efficiency for local micro, small and medium enterprises and the associated potential for new income streams and diversification. For example, where a taxi driver would previously have had to travel to Tarkwa for electronic fault diagnosis, he can now obtain these services in Prestea.

An added benefit has been the strengthening of  key trade and industry associations. These groups will act as a point of engagement for future entrepreneurs and they will provide peer support, information sharing, and they will enable bulk buying power and cooperative sales. The formation of associations in the agricultural trades is also expected to attract support from District and Regional agricultural authorities for agronomic extension and support.

As part of Golden Star’s support of the community and vulnerable groups, one of the associations that received assistance was the Association of People with Disabilities. This group received event-hosting equipment (such as plastic chairs, canopies and generators) that can be rented to community to generate funds for the association.

A beneficiary collects hair dressing equipment sterilisation unit

What do the recipients think of the program?

Let’s hear from the people who benefited from the equipment donations:

Victoria Kwofie, Cold Store Operator 
“Golden Star gave me a freezer as a way of supporting my business and that has been very helpful to me. It has provided extra space for storage and because it has low power consumption it has reduced my electricity expenses. It has also reduced my transport expenses and increased my sales because now I can buy in larger quantities in just one order. One thing I also liked was the training they gave us on business efficiency and good customer service.  I really appreciate Golden Star for this tremendous effort and for the love they have for the community.”

Ama Amoako, Food Vendor
“I received an iron pot and a gas cylinder which have improved and expanded my business,  increased my revenue and improved my living conditions,  making it easier for me to cater for my family. We pray that the company expands to be able to continue such support in the future. We thank Golden Star for such an initiative.”

Elizabeth Boto, Food Vendor 
“I needed some items to expand my kenkey (a type of local food) business but due to financial constraints, I was not able to buy them. Receiving these items is like a dream come true; I have incresed production, and expanded my business.  Considering the total number of beneficiaries, I believe the donation of the items has and will make a lot of impact and I will urge the company to repeat or organise more programs to support more people.”

Evelyn Arthur, Cold Store Operator 
“I thank Golden Star for these  items. I have been in business for over 5 years and all the fridges I use are old or broken down. At first I didn’t believe it when I heard about the Golden Star program as I thought it wasn’t feasible to support so many people, but Golden Star has again proved me wrong. Now I have a new fridge that allows me to store more and use less power. The donation has decreased my electricity bills, increased my sales, expanded my business and saved me the cost of buying a new fridge. Thank you Golden Star for the great support. Mbo ne edwuma pa.” 

Mohammed Yakubu, Executive - Butchers Association 
“I have worked for 38 years of my life as a butcher but have never seen any company doing this in the community before. Golden Star gave us items such as fridges, gas powered burners, and tricycles. We used to pay for the transport of animals to the slaughter house but with the tricycles we transport our animals with no stress and at no cost. Initially, we were using car tyres to roast the animals but they helped us understand the environmental implications and the health issues related to it and gave us the gas powered burner, which is the best and safest method to use. The fridges also solved the problem of preservation. We are so grateful to Golden Star for making our business grow and for every effort made. We hope that the company expands to continue with the support that has helped so many businesses to stand on their feet.”

Josephine Wilson, Executive- Hairdressers’ Association 
“We thank Golden Star for thinking about the livelihood of the community. We, as an Association, received 9 sterlizers, 4 sinks and 4 dryers which will go a long way to help members of the Association. Some members cannot afford these items and therefore cannot start their own business even though they have the skills. Now the Association has come to a consensus that anyone who comes to use the items must pay a small fee so that the money can be used to purchase more items and support those who are not in the Association and are in need but can’t afford to buy. We are thankful and we hope this initiative will be extended to other people as well.”

Paul Amponsah, Chairman - Tailoring and Seamstresses Association 
“Golden Star has done so well and has saved our Association from having to buy a new machine. Now the Association has its own knitting machine where people come and pay for their knitting to be done, which is helping the Association make money. Looking at the number of items donated that day, I believe it is a good thing they did. Well done Golden Star.”  

Lydia Bentum – Hairdresser 
“Purchasing a dryer and a sterilizer is costly and one needs to work for a while before acquring them. Because there are a lot of infections that can be spread from hairdressing, some people come to the salon but then leave because you don’t have a sterilizer. So I believe with the dryer and the sterilizer, people will start coming here and the additional dryer will help progress my business and increase sales. I really thank Golden Star for the impact they are making in our businesses and lives. I’m looking forward to seeing more development.”

Haggai Sampson – Apprentice Committee Chair 
“I look after the knitting machine donated to our Association and we use it to serve our customers and association members. We are making money because a lot of people come here to do knitting, which they pay for. With the money we are getting, the Association is planning on buying an overlocking machine, since it is also important in making the work easier. We are grateful to  the company for their donation because this machine is expensive but they gave it to us for free, which no other company operating  in this community has ever done. God Bless Golden Star.”  

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