Thursday 20 December 2018

Let There Be Light

A well-lit community is a safer community and Golden Star is committed to helping our host communities be safer, in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 

A Sustainable Light System

The Bogoso community has experienced a rise in nighttime theft and to combat this, Golden Star’s employees and local community members have begun raising funds to improve the community street lighting.   The ‘Let There be Light’ campaign aims to install over 50 street light systems to benefit more than 5,000 people in the Bogoso community.  

What started out as an idea shared in casual conversation between coworkers has led to funds being raised that will not only bring light to the community but will also be used for the sustainable and on-going maintenance of the light systems. 

Improved visibility and reduced crime
What did the people involved with the campaign have to say about it?

Mr. Seth Darkwa, Group Purchasing and Supply Supervisor (Leader of Bogoso Let There be Light Campaign)
“The Let There be Light project was the idea of Golden Star assemblymen. This project was virtually announced in a workers’ bus en route to work. The company does many things for the community, and this time around, the employees are also trying to put in something to support the campaign. Improvement in the lighting system will enhance visibility and reduce crime at Bogoso. We are also looking at working with  various other communities in our catchment area.”

Mr. Nyanzu Agyabu, Golden Star’s HSEC Manager
“A group of young men visited me and indicated that the township is dark and as a result of that, stealing and other social vices are common. These people had already started mobilizing funds to buy streetlighting for the whole township.
People are in support of this campaign because many of them have become victims of theft  in Bogoso at night. The streetlight levies are paid by us all, and nobody is charged separately, so we need to utilize what we have been paying for as citizens. If the campaign generates excess funds, they can easily be used to buy extra bulbs to serve as spares for emergencies. The community appreciates the effort that people are putting in place to make Bogoso shine at night for a clearer visibility.”

Mr. Robert Gyamfi, Golden Star Community Relation and Social Responsibility Manager
“The value of lighting a community at night cannot be over emphasized.  And in the case of Bogoso, the story is no different. Since Bogoso became a district capital and recently elevated to a municipal capital, it has not really gained enough street lighting. The Let There be Light campaign has come  at the right time. It is going to make it difficult for thieves who commit crime under the cover of darkness and help people to walk freely with little or no fear.”

Evans Aboah, (Acting Area Council Chairman, Bogoso)
“The poor lighting system at Bogoso is really a problem. A good lighting system in a real sense beautifies the township. Darkness in the town gives thieves an upper hand as they hide in  places where there is no light and take people by surprise. This has made Bogoso a crime-prone area. We believe the  Let There be Light campaign will make Bogoso Township a better, safer place to live.”

Eligya Essel (Youth President, Bogoso)
“Police report statistics are showing the major problem at Bogoso township is  theft.  Thieves will hide in places where there is no light in order to rob people.  Let There be Light is here for good as it’s going to solve some of the problems that the community members are facing. We thank Golden Star for bringing this initiative and we hope that it will be sustained for the betterment of our next generation.”

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