Wednesday 21 August 2019

Strengthening Community Relationships

Golden Star is committed to being a part of the community in which we operate. To achieve this we engage in accurate, transparent, and timely two-way consultation with local stakeholders in order to communicate on the business and address the needs of local partners. 

Regular dialogue can take the form of public meetings, open houses, and sensitization forums. All are essential to developing lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect to reach agreed objectives and shared involvement. 

In 2012, Golden Star entered into agreements with host communities at its Bogoso/Prestea operations covering relationship and sustainability, local employment and the development foundation.

Signing of Agreement at Bogoso
Members of Wassa MOU Committee

MOU Negotiation Committee at Wassa

Now in 2019, our commitment to establishing strong relationships with our host communities continues. This year Golden Star’s Wassa operations, the Company and local communities have been jointly developing a memorandum of understanding. The process of development has involved four catchment communities, two resettlement communities and two divisional areas. Representatives include traditional council, Queen Mothers, Members of Parliament, Districts Assembly and women and youth, amongst others. 

A key component throughout the process was the involvement of women, which has been recognized by other participants as adding a vital new perspective to the development of the MOU. 

Following the signing of the MOU, a subsequent blog will be published outlining its details and the ways in which it will play an important role in the continued development of strong relationships between Golden Star, our employees and our host communities. 

A word from the committee members…

Nana Kwamena Damoah III, Divisional Chief for Mampongso Division Area
The community and the company didn’t have procedures to guide them in their activities in the communities. Now, I think with the help of this MOU, it will improve the relationship between the community and the company. This will address the needs for the company to balance its employment process.

I am happy we have women and Queen Mothers on the committee as their contributions were useful to the committee’s work. 

Zachariah Issah, GSWL Community Superintendent  
A well negotiated MOU will help promote greater unity between the community and the company because it will address two major issues; community employment and management of the Golden Star Wassa Development Foundation fund.

The number of women in the community and their participation was vital to the process and the impact of their contribution was significant during the meetings.

Wilson Arthur, District Chief Executive of Wassa East 
This MOU is a good opportunity for the company and the communities and I am glad I assisted in the steering of the program. I believe that the mine has really transformed our various communities but together we can do more. My contribution for the few times that I have been here is to help the community change their attitudes as by working together more empowerment can be achieved. 

Nana Ama Afoa II, Queen Mother of Mampongso Divisional Area
The community has co-existed with the company for a number of years and issues are resolved through its community engagement process and our traditional meeting methods.

This is the first time and we have come together to formalize our co-existence. This will help the community and the company as we will all heed to the agreements. 

As a Queen Mother, I am very happy to be part of the committee and my contributions were welcomed. I proposed that more women be added to the various committees to “balance for better”. 

Isaac Okyere Mensah, Youth Secretary for Golden Star Catchment Youth Association
GSR has been in this community for a long time. Whilst differences between the community and the company have been resolved through dialogue with government representatives as a third party, the MOU is going to help the community and the company relate more directly.

Having women representatives in our various committees is going to help us achieve a better outcome. We used to discourage women participation in committees, but not now, we empower them to make their opinions known.

Patrick Amoah, MOU Moderator
It is a very good decision for Golden Star to negotiate and sign an MOU with the community to enhance the cordial relationship.

We all recognize that Golden Star has contributed to CSR programs for its catchment communities. This MOU will enhance the relationship on employment and supply of goods and services. Together the parties will realize enhanced value from their collaboration and the presence and investment of the company in the host communities.

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