Wednesday 18 September 2019

Golden Star Excels in Ghana National Inter-Mines First Aid and Safety Competition

Golden Star is committed to safety and employee well-being and we believe that job-related injuries and illnesses are unacceptable.

In support of our commitment, we continue to improve our health and safety systems and practices and grow our skills and capacity in support of our changing business. To boost the value we place on this, our employees actively participate in local competitions.

In Ghana, the top annual event for mine safety is the National Inter-Mines First Aid and Safety Competition. Golden Star chooses to be an active participant in the competition to underscore the importance it attaches to safety issues and to educate employees and host communities on health, first aid and safety practices. This year, Golden star won a number of awards in the 2019 zonal competitions. 

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the award categories that we won…

Best Mining Company: Mine Safety Drills & Quiz (Zone 3)

Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Ltd. was recognized for Best Mining Company in the competition for Zone 3. This flagship award was bestowed on the company for achieving the highest score in the quiz drills contest hosted by Golden Star Bogoso/Prestea.

At the end of the competition Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) emerged the winner ahead of Asanko Gold Mine, Newmont Goldcrop Ahafo and Gold Fields Ghana, Tarkwa.

The Golden Star team treating a casualty during a drill

Golden Star teams celebrate their win
First Runner Up: Mining Company in Mine Safety Drills & Quiz (Zone 1)

Golden Star Wassa was recognized as first runner up in the Zone 1 category of the competition. This award celebrates Golden Star Wassa for excelling in health and safety culture, compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.
The Golden Star Wassa team treating a casualty during a drill

Golden Star Wassa team celebrates their win
Best Mining Company: Community Mine Safety Drills & Quiz (Zone 1)  

Golden Star Wassa local community team was recognized as having the best abilities to assist their communities during emergencies. 

Golden Star Wassa Community team during a drill

Golden Star Wassa Community team during a drill

This is what people had to say:

Ahmed-Salim Adam  General Manager GSBPL
AYEKOO to the GSR TEAM!!! 
At GSR we recognize that our operations come with a wide range of health and safety risks for our workforce and host communities. We also recognize that as a responsible mine we can provide opportunities to enhance healthy outcomes for employees, their dependents and local communities. We believe that all work-related injuries are unacceptable and everyone should go home safely every day, hence our commitment to “If it is not safe, make it safe”.  AYEKOO once again to the team.

Nana Andoh – Environmental Consultant (Ghana Chamber of Mines - Represented the CEO of Ghana Chamber of Mines during the Zone 3 inter-mines first aid and safety competition.)
The industry is very cautious about the role that safety plays in the life of the mine. A safe mine is a very productive mine. 
The chamber is very interested in making sure that mine employees work to safety rules so that everyone can return home safely to their families.
Not only do the competitions have a positive impact on the safety at the mines but they have helped catchment communities by involving the community brigade in the competition. I say congratulation to the winning teams and look forward to seeing them perform at the finals.

Philip Thompson  Safety Superintendent – HSEC (GSBPL)
The safety competitions have helped to give in-depth education to our community members and employees. They have showcased that the industry has learned a lot from the past.
We have used this safety competition platform to train a number of community members. Some have joined our workforce as emergency responders or first aiders and continue to provide first aid services to their communities.
I say kudos to the GSR team who won. Congratulations once again.

Sidi Adam – Health & Safety Superintendent – HSEC (GSWL)
GSR acknowledges safety as an integral part of its business and with the inception of the safety competition, it has improved the knowledge of health and safety practices of both the company employees and the community at large. 
The competition has helped train community members to act as first aid responders in incidents in their communities. 
I want to take a minute to thank you all for a job well done. Our team was selfless and unified. Thanks for pulling us through.

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