Friday 21 September 2018

If It's Not Safe, Don't Do It

At Golden Star Resources our people are our greatest asset and therefore a strong safety culture is our top priority. Every day our team members come to work in order to achieve a common goal and we take every precaution to ensure they are able to do so in a safe environment.   

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we aim to build a working environment in which our people are provided with the proper training to be productive and secure each and every day.

The wellbeing of our people is deeply rooted in our company values and is the basis of one of our most important slogans used on site: ‘If it's not safe, don’t do it.’ 

 At our operations, more than 154 employees participated in Golden Star’s Safety Standards workshops. Throughout these workshops dedicated teams of specialist personnel advised and supported our teams, providing them with the in-depth knowledge they need to ensure their safety while working in high risk environments.
Five areas of our operations were covered during the training sessions: Electrical, Driving and Mobile Equipment, Work at Heights, Cranes and Lifting and Drilling. At Golden Star we continuously aim to enhance our safety standards and believe providing our team with on-going training is the key to accomplishing an incident-free workplace.


Let’s hear what some of our team had to say about the training sessions:

Michael Nkansah, Plant Maintenance Manager (Work at Heights Champion)
“As a management champion, there is nothing more important than the implementation of safety standards. Improving our safety training is a good initiative and I am happy that everyone, including management, is in full support”

Ahmed Mohammed-Badaru, Exploration Superintendent (Drilling Champion)
“The drilling safety standards workshop allowed our employees to formulate and own these safety standards themselves. It was all inclusive and very interactive, making participation very easy for all. Employees are encouraged to observe these standards to avoid incidents, particularly fatalities, in order to uphold our safety as a value.”

Cheslyn Hewlett, Electrical /Instrumentation Superintendent (Electrical Champion)
“The electrical standards workshop has been useful and helpful in the sense that it prepares our team for potential risks when dealing with high voltages. Plans have also been made to include enhanced electrical safety standards training for every person undertaking the electrical induction”.

Sosthenes Baako Yalley, Risk Management Coordinator
“The social process of developing a safety standard across the business has been a great initiative and is a giant step in the right direction. As we aim toward incident free operation, setting acceptable working standards will improve and enhance our safety culture.”

Isaac Harrison, Mobile Equipment Supervisor (Cranes and lifting Champion)
“I am happy to be part of this program. The workshop has educated me on more effective ways to work safely and created an opportunity for us to consult our team members to draft the safety standards. This allowed for expert opinion and more practical ways of working safely.  I thank management for bringing such an initiative to enhance our safety in a way that will protect us and ensure we work effectively too”.

Jonah Quaicoe- Maintenance Service Planner (Work at Height Champion)
“I found the work at heights workshop to be especially useful and enjoyable. As the standard has been drafted in collaboration with people who are skilled in the industry, it has been developed in a practical and useful way.”

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