Wednesday 20 June 2018

Ready to Beat Malaria

This post relates to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3): End the epidemics of tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Over the past five years, Golden Star has implemented a number of initiatives to decrease the number of malaria cases reported amongst our workforce by two-thirds. These initiatives include the spraying of residential buildings and offices, the supply of insect repellent sprays to our employees and health education and mitigation initiatives, including pathology testing and anti-malarial treatments. 

In line with our values to be a malaria safe company, Golden Star organized a training session for our employees and for the people living in our host communities (Malaria Safe). This training day was held in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs for Private Sector Malaria Prevention (PSMP).

At Golden Star, our people are our greatest asset so we are committed to ensuring they work safely and stay healthy. In recognition of World Malaria Day, we carried out an education program on how to prevent malaria amongst our workforce and we gave 2,000 insecticide treated nets (ITNs) to our employees. This event was organized in partnership with International SOS.

GSR employees receiving their ITNs

GSR employees championing our malaria safe company

The Mine Maintenance team taking part in the ITN distribution

Let’s find out employees take on the ITN distribution and management decision…
Abena Asante, Corporate Responsibility team member
“The success of a company is highly dependent on the wellbeing of its employees. I believe the gesture done by GSR is a step toward ensuring good health and wellbeing, which is number 3 on the SDG goals. Over the years, malaria has been recorded as one of the most serious diseases in Africa. I thank the management of GSR for investing socially in our lives to help curb this. I hope that in subsequent occasions, the gesture will be extended beyond its employees. Thank you GSR for my long-lasting insecticide net. Medase.”

Michael Hurtubise, GSR Group Internal Audit

“I would like to thank management for thinking about the wellbeing and health of employees, it is very much appreciated. Malaria is a very serious illness and I believe the net will go a long way towards preventing it.” 

Bright Kyei Baffour, International SOS
“Malaria is a very serious illness and one of the leading causes of death in children under five and pregnant women. The education and distribution of the treated net by Golden Star management and International SOS during malaria week will go a long way in preventing malaria in the years to come. I think it should be done often, especially the education, to help remind employees and their dependents about malaria prevention.”

Richmond Kojo Yankah, GSR Environment Department
“Malaria is very a common disease in Africa and I am happy GSR management is helping to reduce it. Personally, I believe if we practice what we have been taught and ensure the safe use of the net, it will help prevent malaria. I thank management for their support and I hope that the next distribution will be extended to dependents and the communities.”

Anthony Davies, GSR Health and Safety Department

“I want to thank management for their support on the net distribution so far. The health and safety department have taken time to draw a schedule to educate and train employees which will go a long way to help them understand the good use of the ITN and its importance. I see this net to be efficient, long lasting and accommodating based on my little experience. I think it was laudable for management to have come up with this initiative. It shows how the health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to them. We appreciate your concern."

Denis Owusu, GSR Tailings Department 
“I thank management for the distribution of the treated net to its employees. Looking at our statistics, I think this will help reduce our malaria cases and also cut down the cost of malaria treatment for employees and their dependents. It is very important for employees to keep themselves healthy because a healthy employee leads to a healthy organization.”

Samuel Cudjoe, GSR Environment Department
“Many thanks to the GSR Management team for such an awesome initiative, in line with Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals. I am optimistic this proactive measure will make huge strides in preventing and curbing malaria and other related diseases within the mine site and catchment communities. Thank you!”

Vincent Tremblay, GSR Geologist
This is a great initiative by management and it is something I will encourage to be done often.”

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