Tuesday 5 November 2019

Enriching our Communities Through Volunteer Work

Golden Star is once again working with our host communities to provide practical experience for young people. Between 2010 and 2019, we have hosted almost 800 attachment students, 750 National Service Personnel (NSP), 154 graduate trainees and 84 apprentices.

In 2019 alone, Golden Star is hosting around 90 National Service Personnel from our host communities and beyond. 

Inspired by Golden Star’s work and our commitment to sustainability, the National Service teams have carried out a number of their own volunteer programs as part of their contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

National Service Personnel at Bogoso/Prestea

In July 2019 the 2018/2019 National Service Personnel raised funds of over $5,000 to embark on projects to give back to the communities. These projects included:
Provision of solar panels for Brakwaline Community Clinic 
Support for National Health Insurance Scheme registration for over 500 community members
Volunteer activities including painting of Kubekro Community Primary School

Brawkwaline Community Clinic solar panels in use
Municipal Chief Executive of Prestea Huni-Valley and Golden Star’s Group and Community Health Coordinator at the launch of the solar panels for Brakwaline Community Clinic

As part of their program the National Service team arranged for personnel from the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to attend the community, thus providing the opportunity for over 500 members of the community, who were not enrolled in NHIS, to undertake their enrollment and gain enhanced health security for themselves and their family.
National Health Insurance Scheme registration for community members

At the Golden Star Wassa operations, National Service Personnel volunteered numerous hours of their time to clean and repaint Kubekro Community Primary School and give it an enhanced look.

National Service Personnel painting Kubekro Community Primary School

Golden Star is extremely proud of the National Service Personnel and their efforts – not only in their tremendous service to the Company, but more importantly, for the leadership they have displayed through numerous hours of volunteer time and effort. Ayekoo!

Here are some of the comments made about these personnel and their projects:

Gifty Bilson – Senior Training Officer GSWL
“Everyone is capable of change and growth, we just need to know where to begin. Starting work life or a new job can be exciting. It offers the opportunity for greater independence, meeting new friends and colleagues, and learning new skills, but it can also be a stressful time for many young people. For this reason, Golden Star has put in a programme to prepare these young graduates for the job market.

Counting back from 2010, GSR has supported the scheme by providing service placement offer for hundreds of youth.

The Company’s aim is to help the National Service Personnel gain the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience across the core operational areas of the business and also create employment opportunity for these new graduates. Well done to these personnel on their marvellous projects."

Mozart Kweku Owuh – Municipal Chief Executive of Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality 
“This is the first health facility in the Municipality to have solar panels as its source of energy. It is a small step for the GSR 2018/2019 National Service, but a giant step to achieve Sustainable Development Goals #7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

These guys have great minds and I am happy with the impacts of their project on health care delivery at the clinic. They have really left a legacy!"

Abigail Kumi – Midwife, Brakwaline Clinic
“As a midwife, this project is really going to help in safe deliveries as we previously delivered using a torch light at night. Medicines that needed cold storage could not be kept at the clinic because of the absence of electricity. This puts mothers and babies at risk during deliveries.

Ayeekoo NSP for your great work!"

Robert Ntsiful -Municipal Health Directorate Representative, Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality
“The Brakwaline Clinic is one of the greatest projects by the GSR NSP. This clinic was built around 2015 and because it did not have a grid, the facility was not fully serving its purpose. Now that we have this solar installation, we are going to see to it that it does. 

The capacity of the panel is great and we are going make sure that it stays in good condition. Kudos guys!”

Nana Kweku Frimpong, Brakwaline Chief 
“I’m excited about this project because we desperately needed this power. Golden Star and the National Service Personnel have really surprised us, so what I can say is, God richly bless them for having such a great idea to help people of Brakwaline and other surrounding hamlets."

Patience Ackon- Secretary, National Service Personnel, GSBPL
“Looking back, I'm happy that our group of Golden Star National Service Personnel focused on “Health is Wealth” as our theme for our long week celebration. Through the theme, we identified that Brakwaline Community Clinic had no power and several community members have not been enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme Program.

Now, I'm glad that we have been able to provide power to the clinic and we have enrolled over 500 community members in the National Insurance Scheme Program."

Prince Essel – President, National Service Personnel, GSWL
“I felt excited when we decided to volunteer as painters to give a new look to the community school block. 

I want to say a big thank you to the entire team, the community and Golden Star for giving us the opportunity to extend a helping hand onto others.

I hope that the next group of National Service Personnel at Golden Star will follow on and continue doing community service as part of their National Service Week celebration activities."

If you'd like to find out more about Golden Star and its approach to CSR, please visit www.gsr.com/responsibility.