Monday 9 December 2019

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention During #PINKTOBER

From its humble start in 2013, the aim of the Breast Cancer Awareness initiative was to bring free and confidential breast cancer screening to communities that would otherwise not have access. In the first five years of the initiative by the Golden Star Ladies Club, with the support of Golden Star, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and AEL Mining Services, more than 10,400 women and girls have undergone clinical breast cancer screening, potentially saving as many as 270 lives. 

In the final stage of the program in 2017, Golden Star in partnership with GIZ, Ghana Health Services and AEL Mining Services, established Prevention Health Units (PHUs) in the catchment government hospitals and health compounds. Under the program funding, these PHUs were equipped with preventative health equipment, enabling host communities to routinely access affordable prevention health services, including clinical breast cancer screening and education on an ongoing basis as prevention is better than a cure.

2019 was GSR’s year of celebration for the breast cancer screening programs in the communities. In the month of October, Golden Star Ladies Club went pink to raise awareness for breast cancer by embarking on numerous activities. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, over 700 women in seven communities were screened for breast cancer. The program resulted in 25 women being referred for further screening and potentially life-saving treatment.

Sandra Yawson records risk factor information from a participant

During the same month, GSR’s Ladies and management wore pink mining uniforms sown by local tailors in our host communities. 

GSR Wassa Ladies Club members with the Managing Director and HR Manager

The uniform was the official dress for the program activities which included;

  • Breast cancer awareness and self-examination talks to build capacity in  the local populace and employees
  • Fundraising for future projects
  • Inter-departmental Pink Master Chef cooking contest amongst employees
  • Clean up exercise

GSR Bogoso Ladies together with some donors; the General Manager and HSEC Manager

GSR Prestea Ladies give thumps-up to beating breast cancer

Ladies with local tailor and HSEC Manager
Awareness campaign

Early detection is the safe way

Activities in Pictures:

Ladies helping to make the environment clean

Pink Master Chef Competition #MenForPink
Here is what people had to say:

Marian Aba Amankwah – Ladies Club Member / GSWL Inventory Controller
During the month of October we were able to screen lots of women and girls which we celebrated on October 22nd. The ones that showed signs of breast cancer were registered on the National Health Insurance Scheme for further screening and possible treatment. I’m very proud of what we have achieved this month. I say Ayekoo to the GSR Ladies for the unconditional support and a thank you to the management of GSR for their continuous support and sponsorship. 

Makki Rashida Iddisu – GSBPL Ladies Club President / Snr OH & S Officer
GSBPL Ladies celebrated #PINKTOBER to raise awareness for breast cancer. Lots of activities were undertaken during this month including education on breast cancer awareness, screening, fundraising, and a cook out competition which we called the “Inter-Departmental Pink Master Chef”. Well done ladies, and a special thank you to our management and all staff for the immense support.
Special appreciation goes to the executive management and GSBPL management for their kind donations.

George Amankwah-Kumi – Group & Comm. Health Coordinator  
According to WHO, breast cancer kills about 500,000 people each year, mainly in low and middle-income countries. That’s why I joined and congratulate the GSR Ladies for their initiative to create awareness on breast cancer. With breast cancer, it’s all about early detection. We have to educate women, both young and old, to have periodic clinical breast cancer screenings in the PHUs set up in the various health facilities within GSR catchment communities by GSR and GIZ under the “Prevention is Better than Cure” project. Ayekoo Ladies!

Sara Fosu – Beneficiary of the Breast Screening at Himan 
This morning I heard an announcement that GSR Ladies requested that we come and check our health (breast screening, sugar level, blood pressure, etc.) at the community centre where they had made the equipment readily available and for free. I participated in this check and my health was fine. I encourage everyone to participate in this. GSR should continue with this program since it has really proven to be very beneficial for me and other women. I say a big thank you to the Golden Star Ladies Club. Medase!

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