Thursday 28 February 2019

LOCOMS; Developing a Diverse Economy & a Vibrant Community

Golden Star recognizes that vibrant regional communities rely on diversified economies. We continue to focus on supporting our host communities in the development of a diverse economy and to retain a larger proportion of the value that is derived from the presence of our business.

A key part of our approach is to enhance the capacity of local businesses. In a pilot program in 2015, Golden Star sought expressions of interest from communities local to its Prestea operations which led to 17 new local companies being formed to supply products and services to our operations. The companies collaborate under an umbrella body, Local Companies in Mining Services or LOCOMS. 

The LOCOMS team at a safety meeting

LOCOMS has attracted business opportunities that previously would have been directed to larger companies in regional centres away from our host communities. During their partnership with Golden Star, LOCOMS have supplied 89 items of heavy equipment to our operations, involved three catering businesses, and directly employed over 250 people. The success of the project was recognized at the 2016 Ghana Mining Industry Awards as leading practice in Corporate Social Investment.

The LOCOMS concept has not only enhanced local employment but has re-invigorated the local economy with over US$ 27 million in payments made to the local companies since inception. LOCOMS companies have since been invited to bid on jobs in neighbouring west-African nations, and Golden Star has replicated the concept at its most recent Mampon mining project. 
We are thrilled to announce that at the Ghana Mining Industry Awards gala in December 2018, LOCOMS was named as the First Runner Up in the Category of Mine Supplies and Services.

Golden Star management celebrate the Ghana Mining Industry Award win with LOCOMS Chairman
LOCOMS and Golden Star management proudly display the LOCOMS award in Mining Supplies and Services

This is what the partners had to say about the LOCOMS recognition:

Nicholas Tieku (LOCOMS Chairman)
“I was very excited to hear that we won an award. We have been with Golden Star for three years now and to get this award means a lot us. We achieved this through hard work, teamwork and the support from the community. 
LOCOMS has given lives to people as we contribute to the community’s social amenities... Now with the help of GSR, we are bidding for contracts locally and internationally. This award has really made us proud”.

Francis Quartson (LOCOMS Secretary)
“This award is going to strengthen us to work as a team to achieve our aim. GSR is the brain behind LOCOMS.
LOCOMS has had a great impact on our lives by creating a mutual relationships between us and GSR. It has also enabled us to do a lot for our catchment communities. 
Looking forward five years from now, I believe LOCOMS will be one of the leading mining supply companies in Ghana”.

Nancy Amonoo-Aikins (LOCOMS member)
“I was excited when I heard that we have won an award. Our hard work has really paid off. 
LOCOMS has created employment opportunities for the youth. After completing Senior High School, I didn’t have a job, but through LOCOMS, I have been able to get a job as a cleaner. 
It has helped the community by improving their social infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools and many more. GSR has helped LOCOMS by giving us the platform to work and we can say that, without GSR, there is no LOCOMS. 
Thank you GSR for your great support and long live LOCOMS!”

Christopher Mensah Ayison (GSBPL, Time and Attendant Officer)
“LOCOMS wining this award is a great achievement and they deserve it. GSR from the beginning has played a major role right from its formation until date. LOCOMS have contributed to the peaceful coexistence between GSR and their catchment communities. 
As a residence of Prestea, I have benefited from some of the initiatives LOCOMS is carrying out, like the dust suppression on the roads and sanitation improvement projects. The bins in my area used to overflow but now, LOCOMS have helped curb this. 
Thank you GSR and Congratulations to LOCOMS!”

James German (Golden Star Resources, Group Corporate Responsibility Coordinator)
“I felt excited when I heard GSR had won a number of awards at the Ghana Chamber of Mines 4th Industry Awards for 2018. When LOCOMS was mentioned as the runner-up, Best Performer in Mine Supplies and Services I just shouted hurray!!! 
LOCOMS, GSR local enterprise initiative has been recognized at the national level! I say ayeeko (thank you) to GSR for coming up with the initiative, LOCOMS members and executives for keeping up the vision and Ghana Chamber of mines for instituting an award scheme for this category. 
Today, I am happy to see LOCOMS undertake its own Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the areas of sanitation, road maintenance and donations to institutions within the local environment.
Well done! It’s a great idea!”

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